Story of Hope Hollow

Hope Hollow is a dream come true… supporting persons who are struggling with the disease of cancer as our lives have been deeply affected by this disease. Our story begins when Jane’s mother died of pancreatic cancer when Jane was ten years old and her mother’s sister (a second mother to her) also died of pancreatic cancer. Another maternal aunt (also a mother figure to Jane) suffered from colon cancer.

When Jane was diagnosed with medullary thyroid cancer in 2007, we received the good news that it appeared to be encapsulated and had not metastasized. In December 2010, Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer. After two surgeries and seven weeks of radiation treatment her prognosis appeared to be very promising, due to early detection.

We have since prayed and spoken our gratitude daily. We are now living that gratitude by offering welcome, hospitality and hope to persons with cancer who are seeking medical treatment in Columbus, Ohio.

Hope Hollow’s mission is to offer lodging, meals, nutritional support, transportation assistance and emotional support…at no cost…to cancer patients and their loved ones, who are financially in need, while on their journey with cancer.

It has been said that “strangers are friends we have yet to meet.” In the spirit of caring, we hope to make a positive difference in the lives of those persons we have yet to meet.

Jane Jacquemin-Clark & Kevin Clark
Founders of Hope Hollow