Frequently Asked Questions

  • Cancer patients and their loved ones who are financially in need while seeking medical treatment in Columbus, Ohio. Cancer patients will be assessed and vetted for need by individuals (e.g. nurse navigators, social workers, other medical professionals) at the medical institutions where they are receiving cancer treatment.
    • Contact your Columbus, Ohio medical provider who is treating you for cancer (Social Worker, Nurse Navigator, Etc.).
    • You will receive an assessment evaluating your need and qualification for assistance from Hope Hollow.
    • Upon qualifying, your medical provider will complete a referral form on your behalf.
    • Once Hope Hollow receives the referral, completed by the medical personnel, you will be contacted by either a Hope Hollow representative or your medical provider (in most cases within 24 hours).
    • All requests/referrals are prioritized based on availability and financial need.
  • Hope Hollow is a 501c3 non-profit organization supported by gifts/donations from those who believe in its mission. We welcome donations and are grateful for the generosity and kindness of our donors who have joined us on the journey of serving cancer patients who are in need as they seek a cure for their cancer.
  • While a cancer journey is sure to bring “hollow” moments for everyone involved, Hope Hollow ensures that cancer patients and their loved ones never have to walk alone. During Jane’s personal cancer journey, she was comforted by a Bible passage that states that “God holds us in the hollow of His hand.” The word “hope” was an imperative part of the naming process, as “hope” is essential to persons while on their journey with cancer.
  • Your donations will help to offer the gift of hope to cancer patients and their loved ones by providing the direct services of lodging, meals, nutritional support, and transportation assistance (e.g. gasoline gift cards). Donations of any amount are welcomed and valued.
  • Yes, all donations are greatly appreciated. If a gift card is your preferred method of donation, we accept gasoline, hotel, restaurant, and grocery gift cards.
    We accept gasoline gift cards from national brands (including but not limited to: Speedway, BP, Shell).
    We would appreciate hotel gift cards from national brands (including but not limited to: Hilton Brands, Marriott, Best Western, Holiday Inn, Hyatt, Red Roof Inn).
    We welcome dining gift cards from restaurants that are national chains or in close proximity to the health care centers (including but not limited to: Bob Evans, McDonalds, Wendys, Panera, Bravo Italian Kitchen, Chick-fil-A, Subway).
    We also welcome grocery gift cards (including but not limited to: Kroger, Giant Eagle, Target, Walmart). We would prefer gift cards in $25 increments, but any amount will be appreciated.
    Gift cards can be mailed to:
    Hope Hollow
    P.O. Box 141423
    Columbus, Ohio 43214
  • Yes, Hope Hollow would greatly appreciate hotel rewards points as donations. We provide hundreds of nights of lodging for cancer patients and their loved ones each year, so hotel rewards points would be of great value. If you are interested in transferring hotel rewards points to Hope Hollow, click here. Please include the name of the hotel rewards points you would like to donate, to ensure that your donation can be utilized.
  • Hope Hollow accepts and appreciates donations in the form of stocks.  The process for donating stocks is fast and simple and can be completed by either an electronic transfer or certificates that are donated through the mail.
    If you donate a publicly traded stock that you have owned for more than one year and it has increased in value, you may receive greater tax benefits than if you were to donate cash. Under the IRS tax provisions, taxpayers may be able to claim a charitable tax deduction for the fair market value of the securities and may avoid paying capital gains tax as a result of the transfer. Consider consulting your financial advisor to clarify how this provision applies to you.
    To inquire about donating stock, please contact us here!