About Hope Hollow

Our Mission

To offer welcome, hospitality and hope by providing lodging, meals, transportation assistance and emotional support …at no cost… to cancer patients and their loved ones, who are financially in need, while receiving cancer treatment in Columbus, Ohio.

In 2021, Hope Hollow Provided:

1,698 Nights of Lodging
1,754 Meals Provided
1,330 Tanks filled with Gasoline

Story of Hope Hollow

Hope Hollow was founded in 2009 by Jane Jacquemin-Clark and her husband Kevin Clark as a way to “live the gratitude” for Jane being a two-time cancer survivor. The founders’ vision was to welcome cancer patients and their loved ones who were traveling away from home to receive cancer treatment in Columbus Ohio. The need, being so great, resulted in Hope Hollow now providing lodging at local hotels, as well as, at Jane and Kevin’s home. Hope Hollow continues to grow…now including support for persons with cancer living locally. In the spirit of caring, Hope Hollow is a light of hope for persons while on their cancer journey.

History of Hope Hollow…The House

When Hope Hollow’s founders purchased their home…they named it ‘Hope Hollow” with the intent of offering welcome, hospitality and hope to cancer patients. They viewed their home as not only their personal residence but as a home away from home for cancer patients and their loved ones.

Starfish Story

Many who have heard the Starfish Story have embodied its lesson into their own lives. Whether we make a difference in one person’s life or in many lives…what matters is that we “made a difference!” Since its founding, Hope Hollow has been blessed in being able to make a difference in the journey of many cancer patients.